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Business Projects


Here are a few of the project areasthat we can address for you.  If you can't see what you want, jusk ASK!

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Application Design

Special-to-purpose spreadsheets and databases make your record keeping so much easier and convenient. The flexibility of Office-based applications, such as Excel, make them ideal ways of sorting and recording so much more. Talk to us about what CAN be done

Technical Authoring


Got a new product? Need to have User/Service Instructions written? We can produce all types of technical manual.

Need copy for advertising and publicity purposes? We can supply these services, including photography and other images to suit your needs

IT Training


Could YOUR staff or colleagues benefit from learning more about the equipment and applications they are using? Talk to us, as we can provide a range of training provisions to suit individuals AND your budget.

Website design

Web sites are an ideal marketing and communications tool, but can be an expensive project for many small businesses. We can make it easier and much less expensive to allow you to have the web site that YOU want to promote your business.