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About me!


Well, it HAS to be about me, doesn't it?

Qualifying in electronics and spending a few years as a design and development engineer working in the forefront of both analog and digital technology, I considered my move into marketing an excellent progression, as it enabled me to use my skills to manage an internationally-focused department and spend a lot of time abroad. Many of my trips included China and the Far East as well as Europe and the Americas.

The recession of the early 90's wrecked my consultancy and import business, so I decided to use my skills to wider benefit and began teaching in Colleges of Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges, where I became a Senior Tutor with significant pastoral responsibilities as well as teaching a range of subjects at both level 3 (A-level) and level 2. During this time I was fortunate to be able to study for a Master's degree (MA(Ed)) and to be appointed as Deputy Head of the ICT & Computing Section. Currently I provide tutoring services and am a supply teacher in Sussex.

I am qualified to teach and train all levels of student and staff and have the capacity to encourage individuals to improve their computing skills as well as setting up computer systems and networks.

                                I am CRB cleared.

Payment Terms.

It's really quite easy: Level 2 contact time is £25.00 per hour.

Level 3 is at £30.00 per hour. This does not include any travel time, I'm sorry to say! The rates are the same for on-line tuition, but there is no add-on for travel. The chart is on the Contact Page.

Personal ICT help and tuition is based on the level of tutorial needed, and may be a lot less than the above, especially if several people can be tutored at the same time.

Commercial rates are determined by the needs and levels. Find out by
Contacting Us.

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Mr Lee P. from North Wales says "Thanks. My assignment gained 91 from 100. I never thought I'd get that high mark. Many thanks". Lee is a 1st year undergraduate at unversity in North Wales.